Look best & feel confident in your personal colors

DIY color analysis online and get personalized seasonal color palettes in less than 1 minute with Dressika AI Color Analysis app!

120 personal colors

20 variants of clothing, 12 fabrics

170 makeup colors

eyeshadow, blush, lipstick

180 hair colors

based on your color season

Seasonal Color Analysis

Just upload photo to get a comprehensive AI color analysis online: ‣ your color season based on 12 seasons color theory; ‣ personal color code & skin undertone; ‣ the best colors for clothing & accessories; ‣ makeup color palettes for eyes, cheeks and lips; ‣ recommended hair colors.

Digital Drapes for Free Color Analysis

No need to do IRL draping or use IRL drapes. Color analyze yourself and find your color type in automatic mode or take a color analysis free test with digital draping for 12 color seasons.

My Best Colors in Makeup

Use makeup colors that complement your complexion. Knowing which colors suit you best makes buying cosmetics a breeze.

Hair Color Changer

Discover your perfect hair colors based on your seasonal color analysis and change hair color virtually for a stunning new look. 

My Color Palette in Clothing

‣ Try out all colors on various materials: silk, wool, and more. ‣ Try on various models of clothing. ‣ Experiment with different combinations to create new outfits based on your personal color palette & mood.

Virtual Wardrobe & Fitting Room

‣ Consolidate all your outfits in a single place. ‣ Effortlessly check if clothing colors match your seasonal palette prior to buying. ‣ Discover your unique personal style.

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