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Reveal Your Natural Beauty with Color Analysis

Look great & feel confident in your personal colors

DIY color analysis online and get personalized seasonal color palettes in less than 1 minute with Dressika AI Color Analysis app!

Seasonal Color Analysis

Just upload your photo to get a comprehensive AI color analysis online:
‣ Your color season based on 12 seasons color theory.
‣ Personal color code & skin undertone.
‣ The best colors for clothing & accessories.
‣ Makeup color palettes for eyes, cheeks and lips.
‣ Recommended hair colors.

Digital Drapes for Free Color Analysis

No need to do IRL draping or use IRL drapes. Color analyze yourself and find your color type automatically or take a color analysis free test with digital draping for 12 color seasons.

My Best Makeup Colors

Use makeup colors that complement your features. Understanding which colors complement your skin tone can make buying cosmetics much easier.

Hair Color Changer

Discover your ideal hair color based on your seasonal color analysis and virtually try on different shades for a stunning new look. 

My Clothing Color Palette

‣ Try out all colors on various materials: silk, wool, and more.
Try on several models of clothing.
‣ Experiment with different combinations to create new outfits based on your personal color palette & mood.

Virtual Closet & Fitting Room

‣ Visualize and keep all your outfits in a single place.
‣ Effortlessly check if clothing colors match your seasonal palette before buying.
‣ Discover your unique personal style.

Color Analysis App​

Dressika App


My ultimate go-to app for color analysis is an absolute game-changer when it comes to effortlessly matching the hues of my clothes and makeup with the undertones of my skin. It's like having a personal stylist right at my fingertips, ensuring that every outfit and beauty look I create is perfectly tailored to enhance my natural radiance and confidence.
Makeup & beauty blogger
It's the best seasonal color analysis app. It suggests the most suitable fabric color options that will enhance your appearance. By utilizing this app, you can explore a vast array of colors, shades, and tones, ensuring that you always look your absolute best in any setting or occasion. Say goodbye to fashion faux pas and hello to impeccable style!
Fashion lover
As a professional color consultant, I am fully satisfied with this personal color analysis app. Throughout my extensive career, I have searched for a tool that provides accurate color analysis, and I am thrilled to assert that this app has surpassed all expectations. Its precision makes it an invaluable asset for anyone seeking personalized color guidance.
Color consultant


Beauty brand
Color consultant
Clothing brand


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